Saturday, December 20, 2008

Construction Zone

For the past few Christmases we've had a tradition to build Gingerbread houses.

It started as something to do when Joe was at his company Christmas party & I'd be home with the girls. Then we tried moving it to Thanksgiving time as something to do while we digested our turkey.

This year, we attempted to continue tradition on Thanksgiving. I bought a kit from Michael's that had 5 mini houses. I thought this would be something cute for the kids & each kid could take home their creations. Well that didn't happen, not for lack of trying either. We had the kids all psyched up & as I mixed the icing my sisters went through the kit. Unfortunately the houses were practically match box size & were pre-baked BUT you had to cut the pieces apart. Have you ever attempted to cut gingerbread?? Needless to say the kit ended up in the trash.

Good times.

I was determined to continue tradition & got another normal size kit. I figured I could work on it with the girls the night Joe had his company Christmas party, but nooooo, "Mr. Home-Improvement" wanted in.

You see, I always buy extra candy to decorate the house with & like to use Necco wafers to build the rooftop. It's pretty. However, "Mr Home-Improvement", mocks my roofing abilities. So this year, he wanted to show off how to shingle a roof...should I ever need to roof our roof.

Here is the "General Contractor" (to be hereby known as "GC"), building the house itself. If I let him I'm sure there would be multi-levels, skylights, heating & air conditioning, and lets not forget a Flat screen with surround sound. Then I burst his bubble & tell him it needs to dry for a few hours according to the directions!! As he sits there holding the roof on Gianna blows on the icing to help it set up faster.
It works! Ta-da!!! Great set of lungs on that kid! Meanwhile the girls open up all the necessary building materials. After they're done the "GC" tells them the person in charge of acquiring materials overestimated & got enough supplies for a village.

Here's the construction crew.....

Sweet looking alright. I suspect they might have "tested" a few of the building materials beforehand.

After waiting long enough that the roof wouldn't slide off the walls (directions?? who needs 'em??), Joe starts on the roof....see the precision in which he sets the tiles? Now that's accuracy!

I think someone is in heaven surrounded by candy & enjoying the freedom of playing with candy without getting into trouble...but she's my sweetheart!
So is this one....she also goes by the name "Sugar Lips".

Here's Vanna White showing off the "GC's" mad roofing skills.

When she's not hand modeling, she puts the berries on the wreath for the front of the house. Can you see the concentration?? Her homework should see this level of concentration.
Just 2 words---- SUGAR HIGH!!!

After the "GC" finishes up the roof, he's off for a break, there are union requirements to fulfill. His foreman/landscaper/exterior designer (that's me) steps in.

After we work our magic, the house is complete & move in condition!

The front...

The Back....

Doesn't the picture window just add something to the back of the house?

Of course we had to get a close-up of the roof!! Ever need your roof re-roofed just give "Mr. Home-Improvement" a call. Don't worry he's got a "roofer's card" & he "covers" it all.

Here's "Sugar Lips" posing with her handiwork.

And not to be out posed, my Sweetheart......

Apparently, there are union laws stating that both "Sweetheart" & "Sugar Lips" can not be photographed together....not for lack of trying...


Lida said...

Great post, looks like you had a great time and the house looks amazing and my goodness what a pretty roof ;)

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

that turned out so good...i love the roof!!

we got one for the kids during thanksgiving for my 2 and niece to work on with the never got still needs all the side decorations put on...lucky me...joe could come help if he wanted to???!! hope to finish this week...maybe.

Fede y mamá Jesi said...

OOhhh so yummy!!!! loved it