Monday, December 15, 2008

Cookies Vol. 2 & The Black & Blue Goose

Today I set out to do some more baking. I had two more types of cookies to bake & figured I could get it all done today.

I had just started creaming the sugars & butter of the second batch of Macadamia Nut Cookies when I heard a loud BANG! Marissa tells me that Gianna knocked down the Stocking holders off the mantle. I go running to see what happened (after taking the cookies out of the oven) & there's Gianna looking miserable. I asked her is she's ok but she doesn't say anything so I sit her on the couch & tell her not to move.

I check the damage & she broke 2 of my holders. I was pissed! I've had these for years, but luckily found all the pieces & saw that it could be glued back together.

I'm calmer by now & go see Gianna again who by now is hiding her head under the pillows. I pull her out & see she's holding back tears. I ask her again if she's hurt & she now points to her head. I don't see anything at first but then I pull up her bangs & see it. A goose egg!

I quickly get her an ice pack & the tears start flowing (both of us). I felt like the worst mother in the world! I explained to her that she can't play over there & she told me she was looking for something (still not exactly sure what it was through the tears).

Then I set her up on the couch with her blankie & pillows & a sippy cup with some nice cold water & made sure she kept the ice pack on her head.

She even got TV & soon enough Sponge Bob made it all better....along with a red cookie.

Eventually I got back to the cookies. Here they are in all their Macadamia Nut/Coconutty goodness.

After they were done I set to work on the Honey Sand Balls. They are Joe's favorite cookie but due to how long they take to make I usually just make them around Christmas time.

I'm also thinking of re-naming these...something like "Snowballs" sounds much better than Honey Sand Balls right?? Yes my mind goes right into the gutter.....


So of course since there was drama with the 1st cookie of he night, there had to be drama with the 2nd cookie right?

Disclaimer-----Read on if you can go from cookies to gross kid's up to you! Don't say I didn't warn you!

After the girls had been in bed about an hour or two I hear Gianna crying for me. She was having a coughing fit & I found her in the bathroom crying & coughing. As I'm asking her what's bothering her, she throws up.


Luckily her aim was good & she hit the sink & not all over herself. My first thought was the stomach virus. Crap! After I get her all cleaned up she gets another coughing fit & I tell her to spit it into the sink, but this time it's just mucous so I'm happy to say it's not a stomach virus.

For the next hour after settling her back in bed, every time she coughs she wakes up & cries for me. I run up to her room & she spits into a tissue & goes back to sleep. Finally she settles down enough & falls into a deep sleep.

What a night! Where are the Silent Nights when you need them??

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

sorry about g! hope she's okay now.

i'm going to have to look up the cookie recipe...they look yummy! i agree about the name...hehehe!