Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Everything in it's place....

Today I spent a good amount of time cleaning up the family room. Getting the girls to brings things up to their rooms made a dent in the mess. I re-organized the Den a bit to make room for Gianna's new dollhouse which freed up the family room even more. I got to vaccum the room & it looks CLEAN!! I can see the carpet again!! It feels good. Next week I plan on taking down the decorations. It's always been a tradition in my family to leave it up until after New Year.

I was hoping to spend the day scrapping but I realize now that I was aiming high.

Last night I messed around with the Christmas Journal but wasn't feeling the mojo. I ended up going to bed & staying up way too late (again) watching the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He is hysterical!! Don't even get me started on his accent!! I love Scottish, English, Irish accents!!

Another thing I got around to doing was updating the blog--in case you haven't noticed! Posted Christmas Day pics & pics from the fun-filled weekend we had. I am officially saying no to any future invites for the weekend after Christmas from now on. It was fun but not relaxing--know what I mean???

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