Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Scrap Room Update: Painting

This past Saturday was "painting day".  I've been looking forward to this like nobody's business!!  This room hasn't had a fresh coat of paint since we moved in 12 years ago.  This used to be the master bedroom when we first moved in, but when we remodeled the house we changed it to be our guest room.  It was hardly used & not high on the "must get painted list", until we decided to turn it into my scrap studio.  It was time.

The color of the room was a light coffee color, something like cafe au lait.  Which was nice but I was over it.  Even when I was just dreaming of a scrap room, I knew it would be some sort of purple/lavender color.

Joe did all the hard work, spackling & painting.  I offered to help several times, but the only thing he let me do was tape off the windows, doors, etc.

It's hard to get a full picture of the room, but this shows the windows that face the front of the house, looking into the street.  The room has lots of natural light, which is a good thing since the room doesn't have any other lights currently, except for a small lamp (but that's in the plans too).

I was like a little kid watching Joe paint.  When he started cutting in, I was so excited, finally seeing it become a reality.

Watching paint dry is not my favorite past time by far, but hanging out with Joe keeping him company while he works is nice.  The kids would pop in from time to time but they know not to distract Daddy while he's on the big ladder. 

Now we're just waiting on the fan that we ordered for the room to come in so the electrician can install that as well as lights in the room.  The ball is rolling & I'm getting excited!  Joe says I should be able to move in by Memorial Day weekend, which would be great since the kids got an extra 2 days added on to the weekend from snow days not used (don't ask me why they didn't just end school 2 days earlier instead--I have no idea!).  I'm sure the girls will be willing to help me "move" in.  Cheap labor, what can I say? LOL!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks great! It's coming along nicely! We got days off for built in snow days too. Somehow we ended up not using 4 days and I thought the same thing. Why didn't they just get out of school a week earlier? Can't wait to see the finished room!