Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Memorial Day proved to be a perfect "parade day".  It was a sunny, hot day & everyone lined up our main street, ready to cheer the parade marchers.

This year both girls were in the parade.  Gianna marched with her Girl Scout Brownie troop.  Tossing out candy to everyone.  They have so much fun doing this.

Marissa's friend Sienna, invited her to walk with the "ADOPT" group.  They urge people to adopt pets from the shelter, passing out dog treats to all the dogs along the parade.  Although by the time they reached us (towards the end of the route), they were riding on the "float" under some shade. 

While watching the parade is fun, along with everything that goes with it.  I try to teach the girls the real reason we celebrate Memorial Day.  To be thankful to those that gave us our freedom. 

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