Saturday, May 12, 2012

12 on 12 May

The twelfth fell on the same day as my youngest niece Nari's 1st birthday party, so you know there weren't any shortages of pics!

I got my baby fix easily today.  Holding Nari for as long as I could before having to give her up to anyone else.

Gianna loved making the baby smile by giving her little flowers she found in the grass.  She loves that she's not the baby of the family anymore!

My sister, Marie, holding Nari.  I had to share my baby fix with her.

Since I'm an Aunt & can do no wrong that I need to deal with later, I snuck Nari a lollipop.  She went after it like there was no tomorrow!  So cute! 

My oldest niece Destiny holding her baby sister who adores her.

Nari stopped to smell the flowers.  So cute!

Got this hat at Disney for my nephew Tyler.  Every time I saw it at the park it cracked me up.  I just knew he would like it, but I was wrong--he LOVED it!!

Marissa & my niece Nikki.  They've been BFF's since birth.  They are my favorite 10 year olds.

Gianna was at a friend's birthday party earlier in the day & had a "make-over" complete with hair, make-up & nails.  She rocked that kazoo like nobody's business!!

Afterwards my sister Marie's family & mine went out to eat at Pizzeria Uno's.  The two older kids had a "make-your-own" pizza & they all had fun.  It was nice & relaxing.

These two are just thick as thieves.  Growing up way to fast than I'm ready for!

These two were content to sit & eat while playing their ipods.  Though if you look close the look on their faces crack me up! 

So that's May's twelve pics!  Hard to believe the year is going by so fast!

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Great pics! Looks like a great time!