Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Crowning 2012

Today at church, all the children that celebrated their first communion this year were invited to come back dressed in their finery for the May Crowning.  The kids showed up in full force (mostly the girls) & looked so sweet.

Not the greatest shot with the lady in the pic but I can see Gianna & that's all that matters to me. ;)

The lady lined all the kids up to follow the priest into Mass.

My little girl, is growing up.

At the end of Mass, the kids were walked thru the aisle ways, carrying flowers, until they came to the statue of Mary.

 It was over pretty quickly.  Gianna wasn't up for a lot more pics so I had to settle for this last one before heading home.

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Anonymous said...

So pretty! Looks like they all did a great job!