Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Field Day 2012

The girls had Field Day today & we scored the perfect weather for it.  It was a warm, sunny day filled with fun. 

I had to work in the morning, but managed to get to the school around lunchtime.  I found the whole school dancing thanks to a parent that volunteered to DJ.  The kids danced the macarena, did the cha-cha slide & had so much fun!

Marissa was on the yellow team.  She is my sunshine.

Gianna was on the orange team,  She's my little firecracker.

I did my best splitting my time between both girls events, cheering them on.

At the end, all the fifth graders got together for a group pic.  This is their last field day here.  Next year they will be in Middle School. 

The kids all had a lot of fun--how could they not?  No lessons, no homework, just FUN!

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