Saturday, May 5, 2012

Project Life March

Finally able to share my Project Life pages for March.  I've had them done for a bit but didn't have time to post them.  Wanted to share them on "National Scrapbook Day", BUT I got a message from Blogger saying I was out of picture space.  Boo.  Now I'm paying to post.  Wasn't expected.  Oh well, now I can get back on track & share.

This is technically the end of February & the beginning of March.  I've been using a lot of my Instagram pics so one weeks worth of pics can fit in one sheet protector.  There might be weeks where I use more 4x6 pics & will have 2 page spreads, but for now I like this.  It's been very quick to get done, when I don't over think the LO's. ;)

This week had a lot of pics to include so it had a few insert pages.  This is how they look stacked together.  Can't tell here but in the book they are staggered & fun to flip through.

The first insert is a simple 6x12 protector with the program of Gianna's music show slipped in.  Nothing fancy, and I'm okay with that.

The next starts off my birthday celebration.  I had a variety of pics I wanted to include so I used a 3 photo 4x6 protector page, mixing both Instagram shots & 4x6.  Fun to create.

And seriously, I can not tell you how much fun I'm having digging through my stash & re-discovering things I bought long ago and FINALLY USING THEM!!  Rub-ons, stickers, buttons, STAMPS!  You name it!  Then of course, there's my new favorite, the Silhouette Cameo.  It's a dream to play with! 

This was a 4x4 page protector that holds 9 pics.  I trimmed it down to just 3 pics (spaces) & using washi tape to "seal" the trimmed edge & punching holes onto the edge.  I saw that on THIS BLOG & loved the idea for "creating" your own pages.

Used another 3 4x6 page protector for this. Simple.

I don't think I can make a page without washi or Silhouette shapes anymore.  They just add "something" fun/special to the page. 

See the circle in the top corner pic?  I just used a small circle punch to punch a circle then used a slightly larger circle punch to create the circle, so I can highlight Gianna in the pic.  She blended in with all the Girl Scouts & I wanted to make sure we could see her.

Here's another stack of inserts for this week.  I think the inserts are super fun to add to the album!

Gianna made me this card at school, & I just slipped it into a page protector that I trimmed to size & sealed with washi, backed it with some green paper & was done.  This was as "St. Patty's Day" that we get around here....

Next is my 12x12 insert.  Yes this is March 12 & I have it behind the insert for St. Patty's Day on the 17th.  Just did it that way since it looks better stacked in the album.  I fully plan on doing all my 12on12 photos this way.  I just need to go back & re-do the one for January since I did it in an accordion journal insert.  This suits me better.

More Instagram, Silhouette shapes & washi. ;)

Added a screen shot from my Facebook wall too.  Some days the pics tend to look the same so this was a nice change.

Another insert but with a lot more pics & mostly 4x6 pics (some trimmed to 4x4).  We celebrated my niece's 16th birthday & I had a lot of fun with the Silhouette on this.  I made my own shapes for the "Sweet Sixteen" & "Sweet 16". I need a lot more practice but I really like how they came out! ;)

 So there is March, in the books.  I have a TON of pics for April.  Just Disney alone will take me awhile to get through.  My biggest problem is I tend to "over-think" the pages.  I've got the month started but life is pretty busy around here right now, so it'll come together.  I refuse to get discouraged in the project.  Little by little it will get done & I will eventually get caught up. ;)


Sasha Farina said...

I need to share mine soon!! it's about time don't you think? I love love love your photos.. you already know that. Why are you paying to post? host your pictures somewhere else is not an option? How much are you paying? might wanna consider paying for flickr Pro acc instead, upload your pics there and use the HTML for the blog post. instead of uploading straight to blogger.

Anonymous said...

I love this! I love all the ideas of how to make it different and personalize it! I wish I had seen all these ideas before I started this year's, but now I can look ahead to next year. Thanks for sharing! It's wonderful!

Regina White said...

Looks great. Love it!