Thursday, May 24, 2012

Marissa's 5th Grade Music Concert

It's been a busy month around here, with one thing after another.  Tonight was Marissa's Spring/Chorus Concert.

She sings in the Chorus which is mixed of 4th & 5th Graders.  Actually just Marissa & her friend are the only 5th graders in the Chorus, but whatever.  As a whole, they all sang beautifully.


After singing a number of songs, they left the stage & after a few minutes the whole 5th grade class marched in.  Marissa, conveniently was standing in the same spot. ;)

They sang & also played music on their recorders.  They even played other instruments & a few of the kids sang solos.  The kids did a wonderful job with their performances.   

Of course at the end the parents storm the kids for pictures.  I love this one of Marissa with some of her BFF's.

Hard to believe they're off to middle school!

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