Saturday, May 2, 2009

365: Week of April 27

Another week done! Finally catching up on 365.....thought it was going down the drain at one point but with a little tweaking we're back on track!

Sun. April 26 #116

Today Marissa received her 1st Holy Communion. She looked beautiful! We got up early to do her hair, take some pics around the house & head off to a photo session at church before mass. She wasn't nervous at all! Each child got to sit in the pews with their families then when she received we all went up with her which was nice. After Mass, we had lunch at an Italian restaurant with the family & some friends. It was a great day & we're so proud of her!

Mon. April 27 #117

Marissa's class did a "Flat Stanley" project. She had to send him to a friend somewhere that would take him "sightseeing" in their city. We sent him to my friend Rae in Texas. There Stanley got to see a longhorn, visit the blue bonnets, get a check-up at the Dr (she's a pediatric nurse) & some other fun stuff! Today he came "home" & Marissa gets to take him to school tomorrow to tell about his "vacation".

Tues. April 28 #118
Found Gianna had a few Webkinz that needed to be "officially adopted". She had gotten 2 new ones at Disney (1 for Easter & the other with her spending money). When we got home we found 2 other's that were never activated. We had fun naming them....and I may have influenced her a bit....***whispers***the bird's name is "Twitter"!!! LOL!! I lost track of how many "friends" the girls have but I'll take them over the real thing anyday!!!
Wed. April 29 #119
Tonight was the "Art Show" at Marissa's school. The kids get to show off the artwork they create throughout the year & then bring a few pieces home that night. This was Marissa's bird (that wasn't quite finished) that she was making to look like her Webkinz bird (yeah she's addicted)!!
Thurs April 30 #120
My new favorite coffee mug!! Got this self portrait during this recent trip to Disney. The back of the mug says "Mornings Aren't Pretty". That is so ME---I am NOT a morning person!!!
Fri May 1 #121
Remember Marissa's Cucumber plant that she planted at school? This is how big it's gotten while we were away! Her friend Ariel "baby-sat" it for us. If we're lucky we'll have some nice crunchy cucumbers this summer!
Sat. May 2 #122
A new generation of Paparazzi! The girls both got cameras for Christmas & may have been influenced by someone to take pics of everything!! Marissa manages to take some decent shots too!

Yes I know this week has been very Marissa heavy & that's not me favoring her. There's just been a lot going on with her lately. I swear I love both my girls equally!! LOL!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

my g did flat "g" in kindergarten...and he came to school complete with a little mini-album of his adventures.

yea! for home-grown veggies...i have 2 topsy turvys with tomato plants and a pot of cilantro going.