Sunday, May 10, 2009

365: Week of May 4

Sun. May 3 #123
I like to keep all my mini albums in a basket in the dining room. I first saw this idea on Ali Edwards' blog & loved it! It keeps the albums together & people will reach for them more than if they were put away somewhere else.

Mon. May 4 #124
Joe brought me home a rose tonight. I asked him if it meant that he ordered me flowers for Mother's Day & he said yes. I told him how he can't keep a secret to save his life but he answered how I know that I always get flowers & it's not a surprise anymore. I have a hard time explaining to him that while I appreciate the flowers I really like the ones that are un-expected best.
Tues. May 5 #125

My little wristlet from Making Memories. I use it almost everyday, especially when I need to pick up the girls from school & all I need is my cell, license & keys.

Wed. May 6 #126

Picked up Thank you cards to send people for Marissa's Communion. If I had more time I'd make them myself but not this time!

Thurs May 7 #127

I went to Borders on a mission today. I needed to find a good kids book that would keep both girls & boys interested. I volunteered to be the "Mystery Reader" at Marissa's class. Each day the kids get a clue about who it might be & then they try to guess. Marissa's told me about it & says "if you're the mystery reader you gotta do this or you gotta do that..." so I want to make sure I make her proud! As it is she came home from school today insisting I was the mystery reader & I tried denying it every which way...."look a puppy!"....but that didn't work...she was determined for me to spill the beans!! LOL!

Fri May 8 #128

Today I was the Mystery Reader at Marissa's class. The kids all knew it was me from my clues since they yelled my name into the hallway where I was hiding! LOL!! Marissa was so happy & made sure I knew "she told me so"!! I ended up reading both "Mars Needs Moms" & "Stellaluna" since I had extra time. I tried tying in the books to go with a "Mother's Day" theme & both books talked about Moms & their kids so it was perfect!! I even brought in brownies for the kids to snack on after the story. I guess clues like "I like to bake" or "We visit a magical place in FL." are sort of a giveaway huh?? LOL!

Sat. May 9 #129

Today my flowers came. They're just beautiful & smell awesome! Best of all they're my favorite...PURPLE!!! {On holidays I always get delivery early since our florist isn't local but is a friend of Joe's & does him a favor since Joe always does business there.}


Carla said...

looks like you had a busy week!! Love all the flowers!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love the catch up...the minis and the purple roses most! =0)