Tuesday, April 28, 2009

365: Week of April 20

Mon. April 20 #110

First day back home & the suitcases are all un-packed already. And are ready for storage! It should be this easy to pack!

Tues. April 21 #111
Ah Spring---Love this time of year! This is my favorite tree {Wheeping Cherry Blossom --I think}. So happy that it's in bloom for Marissa's Communion this Sunday! Pics by the tree a must!!

Wed. April 22 #112

I was without internet all day today. Could not for the life of me figure out what the problem was! Eventually I learned that Gianna had been messing around with the router & turned it off! Will definately be looking there first next time! But man did I get stuff done around the house having the computer off! LOL!

Thurs. April 23 #113

This week at Gianna's pre-school it's been "Week of the Young Child". They've had fun stuff for the kids to do each day. Today was "Crazy Hair Day". I almost forgot about it then couldn't think of anything creative except a bunch of ponytails in her hair. My mojo has been missing!

Fri. April 24 #114
HAPPY MAIL!!! Got this sweet gift from my friend Susan (whom I've never met but bet we'd have a blast together!!). THANK YOU SUSAN!!!

Sat. April 25 #115
My cousin Maria's daughter, Hannah received her 1st Holy Communion today. I thought it was great that Marissa would be able to see what it's like before she receives hers tomorrow. It was a beautiful day with family. When we can, we try to do a group pic since it's not all the time that we're all together....or there are new additions to the family!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

good stuff! and i made it into your week! yippee!!