Saturday, May 30, 2009

365: Week of May 24

Sun. May 24 #144
Today we went to the garden center & picked up flats of flowers & flower baskets for the yard. I keep planters by the front & garage doors & then hang some colorful baskets around the patio. This is my favorite--the colors are all so pretty mixed together!

Mon. May 25 #145
Our town has a Memorial Day parade & we go to watch Marissa march with her Brownie troop. The kids pass out candy & feel important. Marissa's towards the middle with white pants. It was nice & warm but not hot--perfect parade weather!

Tues. May 26 #146
Awhile back I found that I had a lot of those acrylic box frames. Not my style anymore but I thought they'd be ok for the laundry room since I'm the only person that really goes in there. At some point I had the idea to glue them all together in a collage of sorts and now they are the 1st thing you see when you walk in the room---good to distract your eyes from the mountain of laundry!

Wed. May 27 #147
Today at Gianna's pre-school her 2 friends (they're twins) had a birthday party & all the kids got a fun balloon sculpture to bring home. She loves her rainbow!
Thurs. May 28 #148
Word of the day--"DE-CLUTTER". I felt like every room had some sort of clutter in it & I had enough! I tore apart the mess in my laundry room & all this stuff now has a new home other than my laundry room!!

Fri. May 29 #149
My neat & tidy space in my recently de-cluttered laundry room! Still a few things that need to be put away but NOTHING like the craziness it was! I'm happy now!

Sat. May 30 #150
This year Marissa chose to have her birthday party at a bowling alley. Slightly strange considering she's never been bowling before, but that's what she wanted & it seemed like a good idea to me too. The kids all had so much fun! Some of the kids weren't bad at it either! At the end Marissa got a bowling pin signed by all her friends which she treasures!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love what you did with the picture frames! i have a bunch of old wood ones that aren't my style anymore to paint black and put up.

and the balloon rainbow-very cool!

you can come declutter my house when you are caught up with yours.

laura vegas said...

that rainbow balloon is awesome! and love the photo collage frame ... must make doing laundry a bit more fun, right?!?! lol!