Saturday, May 16, 2009

365: Week of May 10

Sun. May 10 #130
Mother's Day 2009. Just me & my girls. Love them!
Mon. May 11 #131
Chocolate covered strawberries I got for Mother's Day. Soooo YUMMY!

Tues. May 12 #132
Gianna's Spring Dance Recital. They danced twice. 1st dance was "Alice Blue Gown" & the 2nd was "Sophisticated Baby". She was so cute!!

Wed. May 13 #133
As always the roses never last long. I took the bouquet apart & re-cut the stems in fresh water to revive them.

Thurs. May 14 #134
This was my set-up to watch Grey's Anatomy. Watching Grey's while catching up on my 365. Can you say Multi-task??

Fri. May 15 #135
This weeks crazy schedule. It's been hectic & the up coming weeks aren't much different. **SIGH**

Sat. May 16 #136
Joe & I at Justin's graduation party on the "Spirit of NY" cruise line. A nice day out without the girls.

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Carla said...

Us mothers are great at multitasking aren't we?
Great pic of you and Joe and awesome pics all around!