Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Repeat!

Yes I know I've said it before ~~I'm a bad blogger~~. I know it! I've been off track with everything lately! Cleaning, laundry, blogging, scrapping...well cleaning I've always been off track on but you know what I mean! LOL!

I really have been getting I worked on some older posts that I need to post & I also have caught up with printing out my 365 pics....pretty much anyway! I was missing so many pics....then I took some "filler" shots thinking I took too many...then I thought I didn't have enough....but I did. Still with me?? LOL!

Just realized how that sentence just kept going! English teachers all over must be getting the chills!

With that said, I'm going to bed!

Bad Blogger


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

me, too!!! have a great holiday weekend!!!

Mary said...

There's a site somewhere - wish I could remember where it is - about how you don't have to apologize for being a bad blogger. It's truly hilarious. Anyway, don't you hate how blogging adds just ONE more thing to your "to-do" list???