Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Dancer

Tonight was Gianna's Spring Dance Recital. She has been so excited for it & every now & then I'd see her practice her steps at home--so cute!!

She was eager to get started & posed for pics without much prompting--gotta love that!Their 1st dance was called "Alice Blue Gown". Unfortunately we picked the opposite side of the room to sit than where she danced so these pics aren't that great. The next dance was called "Sophisticated Baby" and yes they wore a different royal blue costume. As cute as it was I'd have liked a different color but whatever--it's not like we buy the costumes. They supply them & we just dress the kids in white leotards for the night. Nice & easy.This is one of my favorite pics!!
Love the drama pose! Afterwards all the kids came out for a final bow.

And they get an certificate & a lollipop...not bad!
In true ballerina style she got a bouquet of flowers from Mommy & Daddy. Love this pic too! We're so proud of her!!

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Carla said...

Those outfits are so adorable! Love seeing pics like this!