Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthday Girl

Today has been very hectic! Got up & baked cake. Went to May Crowning at Church, then came home to frost the cake. It took about 2 1/2 hrs to frost the cake & it would've been faster if my hand didn't cramp up early on!

We had family over to celebrate Marissa's 8th birthday today. He actual birthday is tomorrow so we just had everyone over for cake & coffee today. She'll have a real party with her friends soon which she's really looking forward to since she chose to have it at a bowling alley. That should be fun!!

I let Marissa choose her cake & this year she's been all "Tween-like", so it was no surprise that she chose "Hannah Montana" for her cake.
Marissa's never been big on having "Happy Birthday" sung to her. When she was younger she'd freak out when everyone sang to her but she's getting better.After cake she got to the good stuff...PRESENTS!!! She got some CUTE clothes, which I wish I could find in my size! LOL!She even got some clothes for her Webkinz--see the happy smile??The smile gets bigger! She knew by the size what this one was---DS games!!
Best of all (in my opinion) were the gift cards she gets to go shopping with!Marissa with my neice Nikki. They're just about the same age & BFF!! Love them both!

Marissa's super excited for her birthday tomorrow!! She requested that I bake brownies for her class instead of cupcakes since as she says "Mom you make the BEST brownies!"....well honey actually Betty Crocker makes the best brownies Mommy just bakes them for you! LOL!


Carla said...

gorgeous cake Sara!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love the cake...i just follow the directions on the box for brownies too!