Saturday, May 23, 2009

365: Week of May 18

Sun. May 17 #137
Today at church was "May Crowning". They invited all the kids that received their 1st Communion this year to come & participate. I think the girls enjoyed it more than the boys--they got to dress up in their beautiful gowns again!
Mon. May 18 #138
Marissa's officially 8 yrs old today! She's been on party high all day! Love her to pieces! Tues. May 19 #139
Got some scrapping goodies today....LOVE the happy colors of ZING!

Wed. May 20 #140
Target run! Love that place! Always finding a reason to go there at least once a week!
Thurs. May 21 #141
The girls had their dentist check ups today. I am happy to say that they both had no cavities -- shocking from all the sweets they eat!! I have never met anyone happy about going to the dentist but both of them love it! Guess the goodies bags at the end have something to do with it....
Fri. May 22 #142

I had sent Joe out to buy envelopes for Marissa's thank you cards from her Communion & also for her b-day party invites. I needed a size that would fit a 4x6 pic. He came home with 3 different sized envelopes but nothing that I could use! Need to bring these back to Staples! Oh & the envelopes?? I went out myself & found the perfect size at Michael's! LOL!

Sat. May 23 #143
Today Marissa informed us that we couldn't go into the den because she was working on a surprise for us. So Joe, Gianna & I watched a movie in the family room while we waited. Hours later we each got handwritten invitations to see her surprise. She had built her Webkinz their own "house". She detailed just like one of the rooms she has online. And it's now home to "JJ" & "Tweety"!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love the webkin house!! gotta love new scrap goodies and target too!