Saturday, January 31, 2009

What next Locusts??

This week has just been a crazy week. Tuesday I took Marissa to the Dr. to find she had the beginning of an ear infection. That same night I came down with a terrible sore throat that I later found out is Strep Throat.

This morning at 3AM, I wake to hear Gianna crying. I go to her only to find her in the bathroom covered in puke (sorry). I clean her up & her bed get her settled as I go downstairs to wash the sheets. A few minutes later it happened again. Then again. By now I had gone through her emergency security blanket so I went to toss it into the washer along with the other things.

Now my washer is one of those touch screen Maytag models. It has all these settings for various stains, so of course I set it for vomit (sorry). Only problem is the damn washer has a flaw in the mechanics. Once you select the settings you need to touch the "select this setting" box that shows up before you hit start. Well it was 4am now & I was exhausted & worried about Gianna & I missed that step. As soon as it happened I screamed, because my washer lid was locked & the whole machine froze. When this happens there is no override & you need a service tech to come fix it.

Of course this being Saturday, there was no service available but we were able to schedule a service call...for TUESDAY. So now I was behind on my laundry to begin with since the past few days being sick, laundry wasn't a priority, but NOW I have a washer filled with dirty sheets AND both my baby's security blankets. Luckily Joe was able to fanangle it open so I could pull out the stuff. I plan on bringing them to a laundry mat somewhere.

When Joe made the service appt. he told them this has happened before (yep but there was something "else" in there), he told them the part that was needed but they said the tech would have to come & troubleshoot it themselves. You know what that means? I'll be out of a washer for a few days if not weeks if they need to order the part! Thank God for warranties!!

The rest of the day we took it easy. Joe had to go to work. I set Gianna up on the couch all covered in towels just in case. Marissa was the healthiest of us all, so she was bouncing from room to room, playing her Nintendo, watching TV, playing on the computer. Eventually, due to the lack of sleep from the night before Gianna & I fell asleep cuddled together on the couch. Luckily she kept everything down & was a pretty good patient.

So now I'm feeling crazed, tired, overwhelmed, frustrated, and oh yeah still sort of sick....what else is going to happen????

Please don't answer that.


Kendalls Mom 3 said...

Sorry Sara! Hope your little one feels better! That's goofy how the washer locks up like that! One thing that I loved about having a house was having a washer...I hated the luandry mat. Good luck.

laura vegas said...

sorry to hear you were all sick .. hopefully, you're up and around again. and now i have to know ... does your washer seriously have a "vomit" option?!?! lol!