Sunday, January 18, 2009

365 Week of: Jan 12

Mon. Jan. 12 #12
Taking down the tree....finally!!
Tues. Jan 13 #13
Fueling up with a "large light & sweet".

Wed. Jan 14 #14
Trying out a recipe for "Marinated Flank Steak" from the Pioneer Woman's site. AND having it come out delicious on the 1st try! YUM!!

Thurs. Jan 15 #15
We've been getting a cold snap in our area this week. Temperatures have been dropping all week!

Fri. Jan 16 #16
THE coldest day of the week! It's frigid!!

Sat. Jan 17 #17
So Thankful for our fireplace this week! We've been turning it on throughout the day & night! Also very happy to not have to lug in firewood--just push a button!!

Sun. Jan 18 #18
Today we took the plunge. We broke down & bought the Wii system!


Anonymous said...

Sara, you're going to love the Wii. We finally got a Wii Fit and I am in love. I hate exercise and it's so much better on the Wii Fit because it's like a game not exercise. Also, that picture above your fireplace...Is that Cinderella's castle. It's a beautiful print.

Kendalls Mom 3 said...

great pics Sara! Love the fireplace!

laura vegas said...

i love that photo of all the Wii stuff! that is just about what my kitchen table looked like while i was unpackaging it all too. lol!

dlyn said...

Love all your pics - real slices of life ya know?