Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last night we had some snow come down & Joe had the idea to take the girls out sledding for the 1st time! Before coming home from work last night he went to 3 different stores on the hunt for sleds. Obviously everyone had the same idea & the pickings were slim.

We didn't tell the girls where we were going until today. The girls were surprised when we told them where we were headed & they had so much FUN!

Here are the troops heading off for the hill. Gianna needed a push from Daddy. Apparently we weren't on much of a incline & she didn't get too far.
When we went on the higher incline they had more oomph & it was more fun. Marissa was flying down ('specially since she's so darn thin!!). She kept turning herself backward, by accident the 1st time, but then she had more fun that way.
Gianna seemed to have a healthy bit of fear with the steeper incline & wanted Daddy with her. Not sure if they were trying to race in this shot or what.

After some more sledding, Gianna had had enough & wanted to have a "snowball fight" with Joe. He of course went & did her bidding. I stayed & watched Marissa some more & the look of joy on her face was priceless!
Eventually Marissa felt the need to toss a few snowballs too. We hung around tossing snowballs back & forth for a while. It was pretty funny watching them too. At first Joe was packing snowballs & piling them up but Gianna would just as quickly take his & throw them at HIM! He of course kept making her snowballs to throw--sucker! The snow was pretty icy & underneath it was ALL ice so walking was hard. Gianna would pick up pieces of the ice & toss them despite being told that it wasn't safe.

She's lucky she's cute!
Marissa decided the snow stuck to her gloves was tasty & kept eating it. I was having an anxiety attack at that!! Trying to explain that she couldn't tell if the snow was really clean....

We were out there for about an hour. Now that the girls have been introduced to sledding I'm sure I'll be tortured again sometime this winter. Standing outside in this weather is for snowmen!! How much longer until Spring??

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ElleSquared said...

I don't even think they sell sleds in Texas. LOL...we'd have to resort to trash can lids. Looks like lots of fun was had by all, but it looks very chilly.