Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Christmas Get Together--AFTER Christmas!

Yes another Christmas get together we were supposed to have in December, in January!! We always get together with my girlfriend Carolee & my sister Marie to celebrate & the kids exchange gifts. This year we were at Carolee's house & we combined the get together with Marie's birthday which is tomorrow.

Carolee's son Matt is going to be 16 in a few weeks & being the oldest kid there the younger ones gravitated to him. He was so good with them too, letting them all pile up on him.

There's Marissa & Nikki torturing him....
But apparently he was "asking" for it....all 4 of the kids took him on.

Here's Gianna with the presents she got. Despite the look on her face, she LOVED the games. I just can't snap the pic quick enough to get the smile on her face!

Tyler got some nerf like guns & his Dad (Danny) took one while Matt took the other. They were like two 5 years olds shooting each other in the kitchen! There's Carolee trying to dodge some bullets, while Tyler's begging his dad to let him play with HIS toy!! LOL!!!

Matt had great aim & got Danny right in the eye(glasses)! TOO FUNNY!Nikki & Marissa were quietly engrossed with their Nintendo DS's....After the "war" we sange "Happy Birthday" to Marie. I made her a yummy yellow cake--it came out so pretty....AND tasty!Here's the birthday girl & Carolee cutting the cake...Marie & her family.Marie with her kidsOur mandatory "Sister" pic.Marie, Chet, Me, & Carolee. Need to make an album of our pics like this through the years.....Carolee has this ginormus bulldog, Sarge. (Whom I've always called "Thor"--don't know why) The kids loved petting him, this is as close to having a dog that they'll get! The night was fun. We hung out, talked, ate & messed around. I showed Carolee my blog & a few other sites like the Pioneer Woman--love her recipes! We had planned on playing her "Wii", but for reasons unknown we never got that far! Just goes to show we talk too much! It was a good night. And now I think Christmas is over....

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