Friday, January 30, 2009

Can't hold me down!

Last night after taking it easy I was feeling better. I don't know if the medicine the Dr. gave me really worked that fast or what, but I wasn't complaining. I told Joe if I still felt this way in the morning I would go sign Gianna up for Kindergarten. I was determined!

This is something I want to do. I can't explain it but it's important to me that I sign her up. Besides I'm usually the one who deals with all the school stuff anyway. Not that Joe couldn't handle it--he can, but it's my job.

This morning I still felt better. I decided I'd drop Marissa at school then hang around until 9am when they started sign-up. Since I don't want to push it too far I got my friend Samantha to pick up Marissa this afternoon for me.

Gianna & I get to the school on time & we're the only ones there (they split up registration in 2 days by alphabet, A-M were yesterday). Gianna was excited & I think she thinks she's starting there soon instead of the fall. We'll have to work on that. I made sure to take a pic of her in front of the school...

She hung out with me while I signed her up, & in true Gianna style pestered me after 10 mins went by. I tried keeping her in line by saying "the teachers were watching her to make sure she was behaved enough to start there". Don't think it really worked though, she's a tough one.

So now I'm happy, my baby is signed up for Kindergarten! I was a woman on a mission! Now my work is done & my meds are kicking in....I need a nap!

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laura vegas said...

wow ... kindergarten!!! glad you got all the signups done. good luck convincing her she doesn't have to go for another 6 months or so. lol!