Sunday, January 4, 2009

365: Week of Dec 29

I know I didn't get to order my CK KOTM 365 kit but in the hopes that I can somehow miraculously get my hands on one, I'm playing along. I like to start my weeks with Monday so I'll be posting my weeks worth of pics on Sundays.

Mon. 12/29 #1
The girls & I had lunch with our friends The Coopers at Chili's.

Tues. 12/30 #2
Loading more CD's on my iPod. A new addiction!!

Wed. 12/31 #3
New Years Eve

Thurs. 1/1 #4
Tried ordering the CK KOTM. Failed miserably!!
Fri. 1/2 #5
iPod Love!Sat. 1/3 #6
Family Christmas Party

Sun. 1/4 #7
Marissa the last night of Winter Break.


laura vegas said...

love all the photos. glad you're playing along ... although i'm so bummed you didn't get the kit. i'm sure you'll come up with another plan though!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

i'm doing my take WEEKLY...i think daily will at some point be too much...if i'm lucky enough to have 7 days of pics, then great...if not i'm okay with that. kudos to you!

{my kit should be here monday!!!} fingers crossed for you!