Sunday, February 1, 2009

365: Week of Jan. 26

Mon. Jan. 26 #26
On the phone with Disney Dining, booking our dining reservations. (Got this idea from Crystal while we were chatting on Facebook--Thanks Crystal!)
Tues. Jan. 27 #27
Joe brought home some goodies from the bakery near his office. YUM!!
Wed. Jan. 28 #28
Thurs. Jan. 29 #29
Marissa will take any opportunity to jump on my computer to play Webkinz. We have yet to replace their computer...

Fri. Jan. 30 #31
Registered Gianna for Kindergarten!!
Sat. Jan. 31 #31
After a bad night of a stomach virus with Gianna, my washer locked up with a load of wash in it.

Sun. Feb. 1 #32
Made Rice Krispie Treats for the Annual SuperBowl party we go to....but had to miss thanks to everyone still not feeling that great.


Kendalls Mom 3 said...

You got some great pics...I've been on this brownie kick lately. Now I want one!!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

loving them....those rice crispie treats luck yummy....i need to go buy some stuff to make them now.

sorry about your week! i hope that you are all better now!! totally bites!

and thanks for the reminder. it might be a good idea if i register k for kindy to find the info!

laura vegas said...

love your pics sara! and that last one ... has me craving rice krispie treats now. lol! i can eat a whole pan in one sitting.