Friday, April 18, 2008

Not a Tough Decision After All....RAK Winner???

Yesterday I started asking Marissa where she might want her birthday party this year & right off the bat she said "The candy place!!". I let it got & gave her some time to roll it over in her mind.

Tonight at dinner I asked her again & right away she said "The candy place!". So I mentioned some of your great ideas (Thanks Crystal & Susan!) & I mentioned mini-golf which she jumped at but in a nano-second changed back to "The CANDY PLACE!". This kid knows what she wants & doesn't care if it's "been done". (She had her party at the same place last year)

Here I was stressing about finding something original but nope not my girl---she's perfectly content with C-A-N-D-Y. Let's be real though, what kid isn't OK with candy???

Oops, I actually know one....nope take that back...I know TWO!

What's wrong with these kids???

Since I made you two ladies think about frivolous girly things, I'm feeling the need to share & decided to send a little scrappy something your way. Leave me your addy's on 2P's peamail here & I'll send you some goodies....I might just throw in some candy for good measure!!


laura vegas said...

candy ... i'm totally with her on that one! you can't go wrong with a candy party! lol! i try and sway my girls too in their party decisions. sarah's is coming up in june ... and every year it's a swimming party at grammy and papa's house!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

hey, if she's happy with...i'd definitely go with it. it just means you had a fab idea last year. i wish we had a place like that around here..the kids would love it!