Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Week of Craziness!

This is the time of day when I can finally breathe. The girls are in bed. Time to relax. Since I picked them up from school they've both been cranky!! Call it hunger, or being tired, I call it ANNOYING!!!

This week is crazy busy. Here's a rundown of the craziness.

Yesterday was Marissa's last day of CCD. This means Mondays won't be as crazy anymore. Wrote out & mailed the invitations for her party, while trying to keep her mind on her homework & not on what I was doing--frusterating!!

Tonight was supposed to be Brownies but it got cancelled again. Gave Gianna a haircut while she squirmed around like a rabbit (or whatever other squirmy animal you might think of).

Tomorrow both girls have dentist appts. Have to remember to feed them beforehand so they aren't cranky after their cleanings & won't be able to eat! Then later at night Marissa's school is having an art show displaying the kids art from throughout the year. Hopefully we can do the whole ooh & ahh thing quickly so we can eat relatively early & they can get to bed on time.

Thursday I'm getting my hair cut, which can not be soon enough!! Seems like it grew so fast & feels shapeless right now! That night is Gianna's dance recital at her pre-school. Hopefully she won't freak out when she sees us (namely Joe--she's been weird with him lately). It's open seating so I'm hoping to get there early enough to get good seats without getting pissed off at the obnoxious people. Keep your fingers crossed on everything!!

Then Friday--ahh Friday the end of the crazy week! Hope to get a baby fix from my friend Patrizia & her daughter Sabrina. You'd think I wouldn't want to be around kids at this point but it's just the opposite! This one doesn't talk back!

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Heather Marie said...

Sounds like you are busy! I am sure everything goes smoothly. I laughed when I read about your hair...I think every woman feels like that at one time or another...I LOVE getting my haircut...feels like I am a new person. Have a good week!