Friday, April 25, 2008

Better Late Than NEVER!

I was super productive today! Got the food shopping done. Got some never-ending laundry done. Then I tackled my dining room. I should have taken a pic of how bad it was. We aren't real "formal" people & hardly ever use the room except for holidays & when we have a lot of people over or parties. The rest of the time it's a "drop zone" for things that can't find a home right away.

When we were getting ready to go to Disney I was too busy getting ready for the trip to take down all the Easter decorations. I figured no one but my F-I-L would see them since he was watching the house for us & didn't bother. Last week I started taking things down & tossed them on the dining room table. Today I decided I had had enough & tackled the mess! First things first, I had to pack up the Valentine's decorations that I threw in a box & put downstairs until I could pack them up!!! I'm a procrastinator--what can I say?

So I went to work & got it all done. From the Valentine's stuff to Easter--it's all packed up!! I even put out some "Spring stuff" out, but let's stay real--I didn't finish it!! LOL!!

1 comment:

laura vegas said...

heck sara ... wait just a little longer and spring will be over and then you can skip right to the summer stuff. lol!

i hate all those places that "stuff" just seems to accumulate. the drop zones. lol! glad you got some of it taken care of!