Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy LO's -- Crappy pics

Yep that title sums it up right. The LO's made me happy, both the memories from the pics & getting them done.

Was using my other not-so-favorite-camera today & these are the results. Had the time stamp turned on & of course those pics of the LO's came out better than the ones without. Just bear with me 'Kay??

Did this pg for Gianna's album before we went away but didn't want to post it without doing a matching one for Marissa's album. Tried including some wildlife pics on this without making them the focal point so I made them into a tiny mini-album on the bottom with the journaling. Just don't mind my chipped nails in the pics!!

This LO was on my mind the day after we got back as I was unpacking & had to get it on paper before my inspiration was gone. Can't believe I never did this before. This is kinda simliar to this LO I did awhile ago with the characters & this I did with the Princesses.
This is a very simliar pg to Gianna's "1900 Park Fare" a few posts ago. I just changed the cardstock & the title really, but now Marissa has one in her album.

LOVE the title for this one. Again kinda lifted myself from this one but I'm ok with that.
Finally this is Marissa's copy of the 1st LO at the top of the post. Changed it ever so slightly. Tried matching the paper colors to the girls clothes--don't know if anyone noticed or not.

So there you have some crappy pics of happy LO's! I'm gonna re-shoot these tomorrow if I get a few minutes when the girls are in school (my QUIET time)!!


laura vegas said...

these are all great sara! love the little mini book at the bottom of the one layout! and i'm all for using the same page designs ... take your time-savers where you can get them. lol! especially if you're doing similar pages for each girl's albums!

Anonymous said...

These are great layout! I too love the mini book at the bottom of both the girls' layouts. You are so good to do a book for each girl! Thanks for sharing!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

love these!! especially the little mini at the bottom. i still can't get over that you (among others) do one for each kid...i think that's fab-O!!

i do specific pages for each child-you know where they are the focal...and then i figure the ones that are about both of them (or now all 3 of them) they can fight over when i'm dead, because they go in the family album and i'm keeping them;0) maybe one day.