Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I did it!!

After tackling 5 loads of laundry today I put the girls to bed & made myself go on the treadmill! Yeah Me!!! (Sorry it's stuck in my head---if you have kids you know what show that's from!)

I told myself that I'd set the timer for an hour but could get off in a 1/2 hour.

At 1/2 an hour I wanted to go past 2 miles. So I stayed on.

At 2 miles I wanted to burn 200 calories. So I stayed on some more.

Finally I said to myself that I had to do it & stayed on the full hour -- despite the cramp building up the back of my knee up my thigh. I am proud to say that I did it!! I walked over 2 1/2 miles (2.79 to be exact) & burned 222 calories. Go Me!! I thought about Susan starting up on the treadmill & used her as a motivater! Thanks Susan!!


laura vegas said...

yay me!!! i know exactly what you're talking about ... and have used that exact expression on my blog before. lol!

and that is great that you stayed on ... even after telling yourself that you could get off. i know if it was me ... i'd totally cave and get off. lol! hope you're not too sore tomorrow!

{Susan...Seriously.} said...

you go girl!! you keep doing it and in turn will motivate me! i so need it. i did run on it this evening after walking all day...hoping that i don't regret that tomorrow...hoping you're not regretting it;0)