Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Non-sense

Not much to say today so I'm gonna make this pretty random.

I'm happier to report today was better. Can't stop thinking of my nephew though.

Took this pic Monday. Gianna couldn't wait to get outside to play & I wanted to take pics of this tree so we compromised! This is in the front of the house, isn't it pretty? For so long I've wanted to take pics of it but usually when it blooms it's rainy & knocks all the petals off. So I made her hang out with me in the front while I took some pics. Tried getting her to stand still in front of it but that didn't happen too well. Got some great close up shots of the tree but I'll share those another day.

I spent some time scrapping today--very relaxing. Eventually my stomach reminded me that I hadn't eaten yet & that's when the flow was interrupted. I still got some stuff done & I'm happy.

Didn't get a chance to re-shoot those pics of my LO's. I thought about it but didn't want to stop scrapping to do it--maybe tomorrow.

My friend Samantha called & asked if I wanted to walk to school to pick up the kids. Great!! It'll count as exercise & I won't have to go on the treadmill!!

After picking Marissa up we came home jumped in the car (so much for Earth day) & went to book her party. I drove up & panicked a minute when I saw they changed the name from last year but luckily they still do the same parties & everything's the same inside. It's all set & Marissa got to choose what activities they'll be playing. She's so excited!! I let her get a scoop of ice cream when we were done & we sat at one of the tables while she ate. It was so nice to sit & talk with her. I feel like we don't get a lot of alone time.

Went to Payless Shoes afterwards because Marissa desperately needed new sneakers. She picked out a "Hannah Montana" pair but I told her if she wants them she has to learn how to tie the laces. Yes, my almost 7 yr old child never learned--velcro is just too easy!! They were running a BOGO sale so she got the pair she liked & I got her the pair I liked!! Hey I'm a sucker for shoes!! I looked around for me when she was all done & she just could not wait to get out of there! What a pain! Tried on a few pairs of shoes like these that were so cute & surprisingly comfy but I don't own enough green to qualify me buying them. Looking at the website I see they come in pink which might lead to a purchase in the very near future!! Have I ever mentioned how many pink clothes I own?? Funny but my favorite color is purple!! But I did find these CUTE pair of shoes that I don't really need & a pair of flip flops. I'm happy! Shoes+Me=SUCKER! Did some LO's a few years ago about how many shoes the girls had this one summer--it was insane!! Just so you know? I didn't buy all of them myself either! Seriously, I swear!! LO #1 & LO #2.

Marissa learned how to tie her sneakers tonight after dinner. She caught on quick too! No "bunny ears" for her! Guess she realllllllyyy wanted to wear them tomorrow for gym!! Had to wear them with a "Hannah Montana" shirt so it "matches"! Is she my kid or what?? I've taught her the value of making sure things match!!

I'm eagerly waiting for Grey's tomorrow night! I warned Joe that nothing & I mean nothing will pry me off the couch until it's over. There better be no interruptions from the peanut gallery either if they know what's good for them!

Never realized how many people visit the blog by way of Laura's blog. Thanks Laura for putting me on your "list"! I was very surprised to see me there! Now if I could just make these people stop long enough to say Hi.......that means LEAVE A COMMENT PEOPLE!!! LOL!!

Gave Joe a haircut tonight. I was done in record time...maybe 'cause I really didn't feel like it. Had to be done tonight--he has a grand opening for a new location he's in on Fri & there is NO WAY I'm missing Grey's tomorrow!!

Went through my horde of supplies for give aways from the RAK the other day. It's surprising how much stuff I have & don't use!! I think half the fun of scrapping is shopping for the supplies!! That's gonna be my new motto. "what's a motto? "nothing!" "what's the matter with you?!" Quick name tht movie (sorry it's late & I'm punchy)!! Susan & Crystal, your pkgs will be in the mail by the end of the week. Don't ask me my logic in how I chose the stuff--there's just no answer!

Wow! Was this a random post or what?? Didn't think I had much to say. With that I'm going to bed so much for scrapping anymore tonight...bad computer! It just draws me in I tell ya!!

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{Susan...Seriously.} said...

is that a wisteria? it's beautiful, so is g...

k's been asking for ice cream lately.

love the shoes layouts! i wanted to do something like that last year for k, because she had so many cute flips, in particular a pair of pink skull ones from Payless that she's just about outgrown, but insists on wearing...maybe i'll do it anyway.

can't wait to see the new layouts!