Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Target fix

Had to run some errands today. My list was as follows....

Go to the Post Office
Go to the bank
Return some shirts to Kohl's
Buy Joe new sneakers
Go to several mall stores for returns
And my favorite part??
Go to Target!!

Don't let my list fool you they were mostly really quick stops...well except for Target!!

So thanks to Laura I realized I HAD to go to Target this week for an assortment of things but namely this. They re-vamped the scrapbook aisle after their mega super sale from the last time I was there & boy was I a kid in the candy store! I saw American Crafts ribbons, KI Memories, & best of all some new MM kits!! So I stocked up on a few different kits that I've been drooling over, because well basically Laura is an enabler & I will do pretty much anything she says!! LOL!!!!! Then I proceeded to the medicine aisle & picked up some of these....cause well we're all sick again!! Fun.

Yep, my head is congested as I type. The only thing I feel like doing is sleeping. Still have more to pack but don't think I'll get to it before I have to pick up Marissa from school. The plane ride should be super fun as we're all sniffling & coughing....bet you're hoping you're not sitting next to us on the plane!!


{Susan...Seriously.} said...

hope you feel better soon-that stinks!! i'm hoping to check out the new goodies @ target this week.

have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laura vegas said...

i love when people do whatever i say!!! lol! now, if you could convince my own girls to listen to me i'd be eternally grateful! lol!

glad you found some goodies! but sorry you guys are sick ... hope the medicine is kicking in!