Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Update

We had a relaxing sort of weekend finally. Marissa had off from school Thurs & Fri so she had a 4 day weekend but, I think we all took advantage of that. Fri night we went to my sister Marie's house for my B-I-L Danny's 41st birthday. As we drove up it started snowing! It wasn't by our house but she lives 30 mins north of us so that had a lot to do with it. She made dinner & we had cake & coffee. Afterwards we watched Spiderman 3 which looked pretty cool with the special effects even though I'm not into "Spidey" that much. It was nice...until little Miss Gianna had not 1 but 2 accidents in a row! AAARRGGGHH!!! What is with her these past few days????

Sat. we slept late & lounged in our pj's for most of the day F-I-L called telling us he & Marlene were stopping by for a little while & would be here in 30 minutes! So much for the relaxing weekend!! We scrambled around getting showered & dressed. I took my time knowing that the longer I took the more of their visit I would miss!! When I came downstairs I said hello & Marlene started jabbering telling me all about her dieting & that she's on Weight Watchers now...blah blah blah. Luckily Marissa dug out some board games & challenged her to checkers. Love that little girl!! To keep busy I made a pot of sauce then went around doing things I should have done during the day but was being too lazy to do. FINALLY after 3 HOURS instead of the aforementioned "little while" they left. We ended the night by watching "Deck the Halls" which was an ok movie. I think the un-expected visit killed the mood.

Sun was a repeat of Sat. (without the intrusion) & after getting dressed we went to BJ's to do a little shopping. Then we went out to the diner to eat. After putting the girls to bed we watched Desparate Housewives then Brothers & Sisters & went to bed. Nothing exciting, but relaxing.

I had a dream about the jewelry party I'm throwing Fri night. I dreamt that only a few people came & Carolee didn't display her jewelry so no one bought anything. I REALLY want this to go well. I don't think I will ever host another party like this again!!

Speaking of hosting a party. It's been settled I'm doing Thanksgiving here again. **SIGH** I don't mind the cooking & all that, but it's the torture of listening to Joe's dad complain how "this country needs a depression" "everyone spends money they don't have" blah blah blah. WHY does he CARE???? It doesn't affect him at ALL so why does he bitch about it so damn much!! Sorry but as much as I love him he's gotten far too annoying for me & I think I'll be drinking heavily that day--you know 1 beer & I'm toast!! LOL!!!

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