Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can you believe it???

Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING!!!! I have warned Joe that I will be drinking. This is not something that I normally do but due to the fact that his Dad will be here to drive my stress level to the ROOF I will be drinking. Got that? For the past week Joe's told me that his dad has asked if he should bring any pastries & each time Joe tells him no. Now my F-I-L KNOWS I bake whether he knows that it's fun for me is another question but he KNOWS I bake. So today after I got home from doing a little shopping I check the machine & see that his dad called. Can ya GUESS WHY he called? Yep you did--He wanted to know if he should bring PASTRIES!!! Can you BELIEVE the man?? He DOES NOT LISTEN! THIS is WHY I'll be drinking!!!

On a different note. For about a week now I've had URGES. GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER!! No wait it's ok-it's true BUT that's not the point of this little story!!! You'll NEVER guess what those URGES are for either.... Not sure where the 1st urge came from exactly but the 2nd urge came last night flashing on my screen saver. I had the urge to have another BABY! I saw the cutest little pic of Gianna from when she was about 18 months old & it struck a motherly chord in me.

Now Joe would LOVE to add on to our family but I've said for awhile now that I'm done. The girls are both at the point when it's fun to go places without lugging a diaper bag among other reasons. Why does the urge still hit me when I'm thrilled with my 2 happy & HEALTHY girls?? Could you believe it's all the sweet little baby things that I've been keeping "just in case". Could you believe I'm one of those people that just aren't happy unless they have a baby attached to their hip?? hmmmmmm.... Maybe I'm an insane women that's escaped from a mental institution...could you believe THAT??

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