Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Kinda coming out of my Turkey Coma. I am so grateful that Thanksgiving is over. It was an enjoyable day. I did not have to resort to any "adult beverages" (well except for a 1/2 glass of wine-but WHO'S COUNTING??). Dinner was put together with no complication, the turkey was moist, the sweet potatoes YUMMY AND Joe's dad was tolerable! Who could ask for a better day??

The kids decorated a gingerbread house that I bought from LNT & had so much fun with it. They let loose & now we have this oddly decorated house. My sisters & I had to fight the urge not to take it away from them & make it all pretty like. We wanted to have fun too!

As much as I might be tempted to go on the great hunt of fantastically priced Christmas gifts I don't go out on Black Friday. USUALLY I stay home & start decorating the house for Christmas. USUALLY Joe sets up the tree on Thanksgiving after everyone leaves. USUALLY Joe brings all the boxes of decorations out from the crawl space that I absolutely REFUSE to go into. BUT NOT THIS YEAR. THIS YEAR my FAVORITE B-I-L (ie; my ONLY B-I-L) screwed up my computer by browsing some STUPID websites & later we found that my computer had a virus!!!! Joe spent the rest of the night trying to fix it for me. SO that screwed up all the after-Thanksgiving-pulling-out-all-the-X-mas-decorations-tradition!!! THEREFOR I spent today not doing much. Which I'm ok with despite knowing how long it's going to take me to catch up SINCE we've got a b-day party to go to tomorrow AND on Sun my Mother wants to FINALLY come over. Ok wait maybe I'm NOT ok with this after all.....

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