Saturday, November 17, 2007

Party update

Last night's Silpada party went pretty well. The people that RSVP'd & said they were coming...came. The people I had hoped would just show up--didn't. Oh well we still had a nice night.

Incredibly enough the ladies bought a lot more jewelry than I expected (which means more for ME). I'm just glad that it helps Carolee in her quest for a future billion dollar empire! It was a small group of ladies & surprisingly enough most of the ladies were my neighbors! I have to admit my neighbors are pretty good people. I especially like the ones that came (& not because they were over) They were always the neighbors that I felt more comfortable with. So all in all it was a nice night, but I'm glad it's OVER! As much as I'd like to entertain I couldn't deal with the torture of wondering whose coming or not! My self esteem couldn't take another party like this! My girls were so well behaved during the party & even talked to the ladies here--normally they (ie-Marissa) are so shy they hide behind me. Marissa even played hostess a bit & took everyone's coats & brought them upstairs to my bedroom. Later when the guests were leaving she remembered whose coats were whose & brought them down to them! That chick amazes me daily!

For all my running around & stress it was worth it I suppose. The table was displayed beautifully--if I do say so myself (nope didn't take a single pic-DAMN)! I made a TON of food--which a lot of people didn't really eat-too bad for them it was YUMMY! And best of all by the end of the night when I was exhausted & in terrible back pain my DARLING hubby cleaned EVERYTHING up with the help of my wonderful sister Marie! How sweet is that?

Joe wants to take us to the movies to see "Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium" or "Bee" movie. I'm up for that. We also want to put up the outside Christmas decorations before the weather gets bad. AND to top the taking-it-easy-weekend my Mom wants to come over & see the kids. much for my wanting to veg-out this weekend......

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