Thursday, November 8, 2007

No good deed.....

I've survived another Thursday night with my F-I-L. Luckily he was in a good mood tonight & Gianna kept him occupied for awhile so that's a plus. He's got this annoying habit that he'll tell you a story & then immediately after telling it he'll REPEAT it...SEVERAL times!!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

Other than that it's been a nice day. Today & tomorrow the kids (Marissa) have no school. So Marissa got to go to work with Daddy & Gianna went to pre-school...that means Mommy went....SHOPPING!!! No nothing for myself unless you count that skin cream from Bath & Body Works but no I did a little Christmas shopping. Marissa also needed some jeans because around this time of year she gets a growth spurt & the jeans fit her around the waist fine BUT are TOO short. Hopefully the jeans will fit her fine for awhile or the poor kid will be wearing capri's during the winter!!! LOL!!

I did get a little happy mail today. I found this COOL bag on Shaunte's blog

I figure I can use it on vacation to carry my cameras & video cameras & paraphernalia around now that I don't need a diaper bag anymore. I can't wait to play with it & fill it up!!

Today was a weird kinda day with Gianna. I can officially say she's been potty trained for a couple of weeks now (I forgot to mention that in previous posts). She now does both #1 & #2 on the potty on her own. YEAH!!! when I picked her up from school I was told that she got up from her nap & went & sat herself in a chair & REFUSED to join in any activities or circle time or snack time. I also noticed that she didn't have any lunch...why? you ask...because today was the dreaded---FISH STICKS. YUCK! My daughter is stubborn beyond belief & will REFUSE to be coerced (sp?) into eating something she DOES NOT LIKE! When I questioned her in the car about her day I asked why she was in the chair by herself & she told me that she didn't want the other kids to take her Aurora dolly. That's the doll that I let her take to school to help her over me leaving her there. PLUS that's who she was for Halloween PLUS she's a possessive child PLUS I've noticed when I drop her off in the morning some of the kids kinda get in her face & annoy her. So I think I need to talk to the teachers & explain that she might be feeling a little bullied (if that's the right term). My heart just about broke when I realized that my little baby went practically all day without food! Nevermind that she had a rotten day! I told you that story because...... To make matters worse when we got home she had an accident & wet herself. She hasn't done that in ages but I changed her & moved on. Later as I'm cooking dinner she comes in & tells me she did "stinky" in her underwear. That's 2 accidents in 1 day!!! Is she regressing because of her rotten day today???? I feel horrible about it!!

Today is also my B-I-L Danny's birthday. He's my FAVORITE B-I-L but he's also my ONLY B-I-L!!

WARNING: A little venting.....
Earlier this week I booked a Silpada jewelry party with my girlfriend Carolee for the 16th. I started sending out invites but so far have gotten more declines than people coming. I'm really frustrated with this!! I feel like I have no friends!! I'm really trying to help Carolee out because the more parties she books the more commission she makes (I think that's how it works) so I REALLY hope I have a good turn out & not have to cancel the party! The venting part is I feel that my so-called friends are just "users" (I won't mention names). They use me because they know that I'm a SAHM & according to THEM I have LOTS of time to kill! I admit that I have a hard time saying no to people BUT I'm just trying to be a "good" person by treating people the way I would want to be treated. Is that so wrong?? This has been bothering me A LOT this week & really bummed me out (that's why I haven't posted in a while). I feel better now BUT I will be re-thinking how I respond to people from now on. Times like these I wish I could move & become a hermit!! Some people SUCK! As Joe says "No good deed goes un-punished" or that other saying "Mean people suck!" Yeah I'd have to apply both to this....

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