Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday night vent.....

Last night was fun. The girls had a BLAST trick or treating with our friends the Coopers. Her BFF Ariel was the same as Marissa Princess Jasmine for school but changed into an Alice in Wonderland costume to go out in. The girls (namely Marissa) gave me some crap because she's still got her little Princess bucket for her candy "collecting" & said it wasn't BIG enough! HA! I still think of them as little little kids & so the buckets are plenty boy was I wrong! So because of that we took a trip to Target to see what was on sale & found the last 2 Barbie treat bags for next year. It was "Marissa approved" so I don't want to hear any crap next year!! LOL!!

I hate to admit that I don't think I got any "GOOD" Halloween pics this year. That just bums me out! Would it be weird to dress the girls up again & have a do-over??? Not for trick or treating just for them in their costumes! hmmmmm....something to think on.....

It's Thurs. night & you know what that means...DUN DUN F-I-L is coming over for dinner. That means he's gonna tell the same stories as last week & he'll bitch about things that are SO un-important & he'll complain about things that DON'T even affect HIM!!! That just drives me nuts!! In the past 1 1/2-2years he's gotten so OLD so FAST & the only way to describe him is a "Grumpy Old Man"! It's frustrating! I love him dearly BUT there's only so much I can take! It doesn't help that this week I can feel my old friend "Myrtle" stopping by for a visit! **SIGH**

On the brighter side tonight is Grey's!! YEAH! The only bright spot of my day so far! I am SO ready for the weekend!!

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