Monday, May 19, 2014

Teenager Birthday Weekend Re-Cap

Birthday weekends are the best. Especially if you're turning THIRTEEN!

We had a full weekend of parties between her friends and family so Friday night, the four of us went to Pizzaria Uno (her favorite) for dinner.  So good!

We came home, in the pouring rain, to bake her cake for the next days party with her friends.  She's very into Minecraft and wanted her party themed after the game.  We made all sorts of treats themed to the game too, Marissa made signs to go with the treats (she takes after me!).  Some were easily done like chips for "potatoes", and some were blue jello representing water.  Nothing crazy really.  We even made marshmallow pop "creepers"--both girls helped with these.

The next day, a few of her friends came to Monster Mini Golf, where we played some black light, mini golf, finished off with video games.  

Pizza, Minecraft snacks and cake at the house with a few more friends made the day complete.  

I miss baking those girly, cutesy cakes.  Regardless, it was yummy.

Sunday was her actual birthday, and she requested to open her presents from us, in the morning before everyone else got here.

We had a happy teenager when she opened up her new laptop.  Knowing how much homework is done online (and Minecraft), she was ready for a laptop.

Later in the day, we had family over to celebrate with burgers and hot dogs (it was a beautiful day out!) and finished the day with more cake (this one was much prettier, but still yummy!).

Can't describe how much we love our girl.  We are so proud of her!  It's just so hard to believe she's a teenager already!

Now to spend the day recovering from the full weekend of celebrating.  I'm tired!

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