Wednesday, May 21, 2014

7th Grade Choir/Art Show

Springtime at school means a choir concert. Marissa looks so grown up lately, she's just beautiful. Hard to believe she'll be in 8th grade next year. 

This year they mixed things up bit and had the 7th grade choir separate from the 8th graders. They sang 3 songs, my favorite was Seasons of Love. (Marissa's in the top right row in the back.)

Afterwards we got to walk around school and see all the wonderful artwork/projects the kids have worked on throughout the year, from various classes. 

This was a scale model of a smoothie shop, Marissa and a classmate made for their pre-algebra class. Still waiting to find out their grade....

Happily counting the days until the girls are out of school. I think around this time we're all burnt out! I know I am!!

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