Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Field Day 2014

Field Day.  The day kids look forward to during the school year.  Can't beat being outside all day, playing games.  End the day with a Popsicle and it's a kids dream!

Gianna was excited to be on the yellow team this year.  I believe the yellow part has something to do with Minecraft, but that's besides the point. 


All the usual games were played.  The kids have fun no matter what they play.

Water games are everyones favorite.  Except when the kids get out of hand "accidentally-on-purpose" falling into the water.  Water everyones been dipping their hands in, or sitting in, or dunking their heads in?  I'll pass, thank you.  But my kid??  Nope, she'll do what she can get away with!

See her smile?  So worth it.

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