Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend Organizing

We didn't do anything super exciting for Memorial Day weekend this year, unless you count organizing!

Which, for the record, I totally do. 

We started out reorganizing Marissa's room. She's been in need of a complete room makeover, suited more for her age, but we did it in steps.  Baby steps.  This weekend we purged, packed and tossed a lot!  The picture may not show the neatest room, but trust me, it's WAY better than it was.  Next step will be painting.  

We did have some fun, and managed to go see "Blended".  It was a great movie!  Romantic and funny--my kind of movie!

Gianna was ready for a new bike, now that she's had some practice on the old one.  She did so good and loves the freedom!

Then of course, we did more organizing.  The garage is like a dump around here!  We sorted, purged, and cleaned up.  There is no after picture, since we ran out of time and had to stop, but trust me, there has been major progress.  We can now fit the cars and still have room to move bikes around.  

So that was our weekend.  Nothing super exciting but it's all good.  We'll save the fun for Disney!

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