Saturday, May 18, 2013

She is Twelve

This girl has been experiencing independence and enjoying it...though she still looks for me. 

This girl has struggled adjusting to the amount of homework in middle school but has maintained great grades! 

This girl doesn't like to "follow" the "in" thing but marches to her own beat. 

This girl loves to read books and has even started reading teeny bopper type of magazines.

This girl wants a dog so badly. 

This girl loves to swim but isn't an outdoor type of girl. 

This girl is so smart and has advance math again for school next year. 

This girl loves watching NCIS as much as Joe and I do.

This girl is starting to spend time alone in her room like a teenager. 

This girl loves listening to music, unless I'm doing the singing. 

This girl has a model figure but isn't completely interested in shopping for clothes.

 This girl loves to talk my ear off.  She knows she can tell me anything and trusts me with her secrets.  And she has my heart.

This girl is TWELVE today.

Happy 12th Birthday Marissa!  
You make us so very proud!!  Love you always!!

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