Monday, May 20, 2013

Birthday Weekend Re-Cap

Marissa's birthday weekend was fun-filled for a twelve year old.  Friday night I blew up balloons to fill her room with so she would wake up to a surprise.  It took awhile and a close call when she woke up as I was bringing them in (stinker!), but I managed to keep it from her. 

She said she knew to expect something but not a clue to what it would be....and she popped two getting out of bed!!

She got to open her presents in the morning and seemed happy with her goodies.  She requested all sorts of things ranging from giftcards to an alarm clock docking station for her iphone to Monster High dolls.  I knew not to get her clothes but I bent the rule a little and found some cute sandals for her...'cept they were the wrong size. (SO hard to shop for her size wise!).

(Photo edited with "A Beautiful Mess" app)

In the afternoon, we picked up a few of her friends and took them to Monster Mini Golf for some fun.  She didn't want a "party", but just wanted to "hang out" with her friends.  They had fun and after played the games in the game room. 

Gianna even got to bring a friend "her age" to keep her company, which she was thrilled about.

Afterwards we took them all out to eat.  Marissa chose "Chili's, and the girls all enjoyed themselves.  Little did Marissa know I asked the waitress to sing to her when her dessert came out!!  This was her face when she realized what was going on!  She was alternately smiling and giving us looks.  Too funny!

Of course we had to get some pictures with our favorite twelve year old once we got back home!  I think she had a great time!

Sunday, we invited family over for dinner.  While the weather didn't cooperate with our grilling menu, everyone had a full belly and a slice of cake. 

The look on her face says it all.  I am so proud of her and love her to infinity!!

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