Saturday, May 11, 2013

Music To My Ears

This week Marissa preformed with her choir not once but twice.  On Wednesday night, the choir put on a show along with the band at the school.  They did a great job! 

On Friday, the entire Choir group as well as the Band got up at the butt crack of dawn to go to a competition in Pennsylvania.  There they received "Superior" and the band got "Excellent".  After the competition they all went to Dorney Park and had a great time!

It killed me not being on the trip with her.  Fortunately I knew the chaperone and felt a tiny bit better. I also spent the day tracking her with the "Find Friends" app.  Marissa didn't want me there originally, when I offered to drive there on my own.  She had strict rules to call and text me often and she made me feel better with all the calls.  When she came home, not only was she tired but she admitted that if she goes next year, she wants me to go too.  Oh my heart!! I love that she wants me there!  I am so proud of her and glad that she had a good time on her trip. 

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