Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Life Around Here

Life around here has been a little nuts. Joe has had trouble breathing and after continual dr appts. telling him he had an upper respiratory infections he saw a different dr. That dr almost immediately sent him for a CT scan. The results came back that he had polyps blocking the entire right side of his nose and most of his left side. 


He went to an ENT and after more visits he finally had his surgery yesterday. The dr found a huge mass but took care of it. 

Happy that it was an outpatient procedure and he came home the same day. He's feeling better now and can already feel the difference. The girls and I can already hear the difference in his breathing and sleeping. It's going to be even better once he gets the final ok from the dr. 

This has been such long journey for him and I'm so happy he's starting to take care of himself. I need him to stick around for a long, long time!! 

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Deneen said...

So happy they finally figured it out!