Thursday, April 18, 2013

So Many Books So Little Time

I've wanted to scrap my love of books for a long time.  Awhile back I planned a layout on the Twilight series but never got around to it.  Recently after a trip to Barnes & Nobles I snapped a shot of my books and was inspired to scrap it. 

I didn't have a plan, but found myself playing around with mists.  I seem to have acquired quite the collection, however don't use them for more than misting wood veneers.  I've tried misting before but recently got a tip about "flicking" the ink onto the paper.  This worked so much better for me!  I'm not saying it's perfect but at least I feel like I'm going in the right direction. 

I cut the title with my Cameo...have I mentioned how much I LOVE that machine?? I really do.  I also have to confess to having cut the title before even having a picture to scrap.  I had it laying in a pile on my table thinking I'd take a pic soon of books I had read already, so it worked out perfectly when I did.  Not normally how I do things, but lately I've been changing things up.

I'm surprisingly happy with how this came out.....especially since when I started it looked like this....

I had a cut out laying around, and I decided to try misting it with an opaque spray.....obviously, it didn't come out great.  Trying to save it, I had the bright idea to heat emboss it with clear embossing powder....If I hadn't misted first I think this would have come out better.  I tried working with it...but I just couldn't do it.  I trashed it and started over.  Live and learn.  The best part is I do like how it turned out after all! 

Expanding my wings.....

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Laura T. said...

Love the layout and love how you did the title. I also love to read, but rarely find the time to read.