Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Project Life 2013 Week THIRTEEN

Taking the time to stop creating and take pics makes me put it off when I'm on a creative roll.  That's my only excuse for not sharing these sooner.  Or you can call me a slacker.  Whatever works!

Once again I've got some less than stellar iPhone pics....One day I will find the perfect pic taking spot.  One day.

Week 13 was all about Easter.  I've got two inserts that go with this but I went super easy lazy and it's mostly just pics with hardly any details. 

I have to say I had fun printing some 4x6 pics....Maybe I'll ease into that once in awhile with just some journaling cards....I like changing things up with this.

The "Insta Gram" pocket drove me nuts.  I had it made one way that drove me nuts and looked terrible besides, so I tore it apart and re-did it.  Somehow I forgot it had to fit in a small double spot so when I had to cut apart the circle I was kicking myself!

Switched up the pocket sizes on this since I had a lot of Egg dyeing pics to include...actually the inserts I didn't take pics of are from Easter...oh well I guess I didn't share the "entire" week.  Just call me a rebel.

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Jossie Michel said...

Your pages are cute! Love all the details! Thanks for sharing and giving me inspiration!