Monday, April 1, 2013

Sewing Class 101 (The Blind Leading the Blind)

Tonight, Marissa came to me and tells me she's bored.  I give her a few options including learning to use the sewing machine and she jumped at the chance.

I gave her a scrap of fabric, and explained the basics (not that I really know that much) and let her have fun. Once she got the hang of it, I gave her a jar of ribbon scraps and told her to have fun.

Eventually she moved up to a few larger pieces of fabric and really went to town.  She asked a few questions about the different stitches and played with them all.  She got creative with the ribbons too.  Not just randomly stitching them anywhere, she patterned them around the fabric. 

She stitched so much that she emptied the bobbin!  I told her we could take a ride this week to the nearest Jo-Ann's and look for fabric and maybe a sewing pattern to try out.  She's excited!  Maybe she'll learn enough to teach me!  LOL! 

I have a not so secret desire to make a basic quilt one day but I have a feeling it wouldn't be a project I would finish.  One day. Who knows??

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